Landscape Architecture


Landscape architecture is the art of planning and modulating space to create an inspiring and thoughtful atmosphere. Our Landscape Architecture Department will meet your needs by not only matching your requirements but also your budget.

Why do you need a plan?
  • Helps prevent errors and unnecessary costs;
  • Considers all constraints (e.g. wind corridors, heavily shaded areas, the need for privacy, etc.);
  • Provides a long-term vision and a harmonious and consistent design;
  • Ensures compliance with municipal standards and regulations;
  • Increases the value of your property;
  • Proposes fresh ideas and practical insight;
  • Helps create that “Wow” effect!
Our work methodology

We generally proceed as follows when creating a landscaping plan:

  1. During our first visit, we will meet to assess your needs, your budget and, of course, your landscaping preferences. We then perform a landscape survey and take a few pictures of the site.
  2. During the design phase, we work on finding the best solutions to optimize your space. We create custom structures, choose combinations of compatible materials and determine which plant species to integrate.
  3. Once the various deliverables have been completed, we meet with you a second time to show them to you. After this visit, we email you the final plans, including any changes.

* We use computer software to create highly precise plans. We ask that our customers provide us with their home’s certificate of location to further increase accuracy.

Documents provided
  • Landscaping plan (plants, materials, structures, etc.);
  • Rating plan (measurements);
  • Planting table;
  • Plant presentation (illustrations and descriptions);
  • Atmosphere sketches (*optional);
  • Technical drawings for structural elements (e.g., pergola, privacy wall, etc.) (*optional);
  • A complete and detailed quote (*with no obligation on your part to Aménagement Paysager Dumoulin Inc. for the execution of the work).
Additional services

We also offer a pool layout plan service for obtaining municipal permits. Similarly, we can create the layout plan for your future home to optimize space and site functionality. By planning the layout of your home based on outdoor elements, you can avoid construction errors that restrict space and landscaping possibilities. We can also supervise the construction site and/or manage your project, whether or not our company is involved in the execution of the work.

How much does it cost?

Each project is complex in its own way and comes with particular elements to be included in the layout. The cost of our services will depend on the time spent designing the various deliverables. Hourly and flat-rate billing methods are available. For pricing information, contact us at 514-823-9061 or via email at

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