Bulk and materials

We offer sale and delivery services for landscaping products and bulk materials. For clients preferring to install their planting soil, river stones, sand or other products by themselves, we will deliver as per your instructions, whether it is a small or large quantity.

  • Top soil;
  • Planting soil (mixed soil);
  • Cedar mulch (all colours);
  • Ramial chipped wood mulch (RCW);
  • Crushed stones (all sizes);
  • Clean stones (all sizes);
  • Sifted stones (all sizes);
  • River stones (all sizes);
  • Moulding sand;
  • Drainage sand;
  • Compost;
  • Decorative stones.

*You can also drop off your tree branches and evergreens in our composting centre for a small fee.

For bulk materials!

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