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Turnkey or À la carte landscaping projects

We possess all the required resources to offer you a complete turnkey project, whatever its complexity. Whether you want a prestigious decorative pond or an ornamental fence surrounding your landscaping, we will meet your expectation.

We offer À la carte landscaping services. It can be for the design of borders, a planting project, a wood structure, or even a low wall of precast concrete. We have the knowledge and expertise to create any landscape structure, whether it is made of stone, concrete, cobblestone or wood.

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Landscape architecture plans

Through complete landscaping plans, our certified landscape architects will manage your project and bring all your ideas and expectations for your outdoor environment to life.

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  • Pruning;
  • Felling;
  • Grubbing;
  • Guying;
  • Screening of insects and tree diseases;
  • Identification of tree species;
  • Fertilization;
  • Hedge trimming;
  • Fruit tree pruning;
  • Phytosanitary treatment;
  • EAB treatment.

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Construction and woodworking
  • Pergola;
  • Rooftop terrace;
  • Fence;
  • Patio;
  • Planking;
  • Checkerboard floor;
  • Privacy wall;
  • Shed;
  • Balcony covering;
  • Exterior finish;
  • Pool house;
  • Bench;
  • Rail;
  • Stairs;
  • Terrace;
  • Flower box;
  • Balcony;
  • 2-storey balcony;
  • Sonotube;
  • Concrete formwork;
  • Balcony foundation;
  • Foundation piles;
  • Deck block;
  • Exterior bricks;
  • Sanding and painting of patios, fences and sheds…

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  • Spring opening and autumn closing of your property;
  • Lawn mowing and hedge trimming;
  • Maintenance of borders and flower beds;
  • Young tree and hedge trimming;
  • Fertilization (grass, flower beds, young trees);
  • Plantation service;
  • Phytosanitary treatment.

* Consultation with a certified technician specialized in ornamental horticulture.

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Spa and pool installation

Aménagement Paysager Dumoulin sells and installs San Juan as the Quebec-based company Nautika fibreglass pools. These pools are renowned for their durability and wide variety. We will guide you in your choice of model, colour and ideal equipment. A pool or spa installation is a quick process. In only a couple of days, you will enjoy your functional, durable and easy to maintain pool.

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For all drainage work or surface preparation or even installation of large retaining stones, we have the required equipment and professionally trained operators. We work carefully, properly and according to the highest industry standards.

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We offer sale and delivery services for landscaping products and bulk materials. For clients preferring to install by themselves their planting soil, river stones, sand or other products, we will deliver as per your instructions, whether it is a small or large quantity.

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